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RhinoNest 2.5 x86
5 March 2013

RhinoNest 2.5 x86

RhinoNest 2.5 x86
English | RhinoNest 2.5 x86 | 100 MB

RhinoNest is a plug-in for Rhinoceros.
RhinoNest to optimize the position and orientation of parts for nesting material in industries such as architecture, sculpture, woodwork, furniture,
metal, footwear, glass cutting, production of posters, models, ...
RhinoNest fully integrated in Rhinoceros, which allows for optimization of the cutting in a few minutes, without the need for imports of various programs and eliminating the need to change, as it supports all types of geometry.
Compatible with Rhinoceros 4.0 and 5.0
RhinoNest 2.1
10 November 2010

RhinoNest 2.1
RhinoNest 2.1 | 77 MB

With RhinoNest you can optimize the part position and orientation for material cut in different areas, such as carpentry, furniture, sheet metal, footwear, glass cut, marine, banners, modeling... Highly effective position optimization contributes to an important material saving without reducing the ease of use.